Our strategy for achieving our vision has four elements:

Build a diverse balanced portfolio. We aim to reduce risk and increase opportunity by building a balanced client portfolio, spread across different markets. This will help reduce our exposure to market fluctuations and enable us to select the best opportunities whichever market they may be in and allows us to utilise our expertise from one market to another.


Client retention is critical to the long-term strategy of the business. Our company ethos is built to partner with the clients we work for. We need to understand their expectations in many cases as well as if not better than the client themselves. Through key performance indicators, a solid foundation can be achieved. What we do on-site at times needs to be matched by our communication methods with regard to real-time reporting.


Develop new delivery models. We will respond to emerging opportunities by finding innovative ways to deliver our services. This may mean collaboration between our divisions, and management structure bringing together skills and experience which few other companies can replicate. Or it may mean partnering with our customer or associated parties. Our ability to lead change will underpin our leading market position.


Communication is critical for a sustainable growth strategy. Constant investment financially and operationally is essential to maintain what we believe to be an unrivalled communication service. Already present in our business are systems that far exceed our operational status. The systems in place today in the business are capable of managing world-class organisations.


Principles that drive our strategic direction.

All employees at Armina are clear that our principles are important, they help support existing staff. In addition, they help highlight to clients, and the supply chain why partnering with Armina is different.


We provide environments in which our people can excel

If we promise something, we deliver

We are conscience led as a business

We are a team at all times

We embrace an entrepreneurial culture

To provide a person in the business who can help.